During the late summer RCC coaches nominate players of suitable standard to attend district “performance” trails (Surrey CCC September & Hampshire (October). These trials offer our best young players the opportunity to be assessed at either Dummer Cricket Centre (Hants) or George Abbot School, Guildford (Surrey) and if successful attend club, performance or county winter training.  Training is then followed by possible selection for district representative fixtures the following summer season. Irrespective of selection those who attend an Assessment will be provided with some generic feedback based around the cricket skills and potential they demonstrated at their assessment session.

Hampshire organise players as follows:

  • County Primary Squad – 1st Tier
  • Shadow County Squad – 2nd Tier
  • Regional Performance Squad – 3rd Tier
  • Club Training Squad – 4th Tier

Surrey CCC & Hampshire CCC Players:

Boys 2019/20

Under 10

George Mellor
Oliver Eaton
Euan Thorburn
Ethan Grist
Freddie Harper
Thomas Stuart
Riley Springer

Under 11

Max Hinchliffe
Nathan Valler
Ben Stearn
Oliver Weller
Sonny Jagger
John Gericke
Oliver Brisbourne
Sam Bonser

Under 12

Harry Chilcott
Harry King
Will Mellor
Freddie Ashby
Joe Ryman
Fred Harris

Under 13

Jamie King
Patrick Sykes

Under 14

Berty Chilcott
Henry Hinchliffe
George Tomkinson

Under 15

Ollie Ryman
Ethan Martin
Ryan Littlewood
Ferdy Marshall
Tom Humphries

Under 16+

Max Witney
Sam Hibberd
Oscar Young
Hugh Croft
Charlie Johnson
Leo Martyn

Girls 2019/20

Under 11

Willow McBride
Emily Watson
Maisie Lambert

Under 13

Annabelle Bailey
Celeste Long
India McBride
Abby Stevenson

Under 15

Katie Baird
Emily Bonser
Tahlia Williams
Daisy Coffey

Under 17

Genevieve Long

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