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18 March 2020:

ECB statement on the recreational game

“Following the Government’s latest advice around social distancing, it is with sadness and reluctance that we recommend that all forms of recreational cricket are for now suspended.

“This extends to training, pre-season friendlies and any associated cricket activity.

“Sport plays an absolutely vital role in the nation’s mental and physical wellbeing, and it helps people find meaning where there is fear and uncertainty, so one of our goals in the coming weeks will be to explore ways that we can support some levels of physical activity in communities – particularly at junior levels.

“Using our cricket community to support others could be one of the most important services we can offer during the difficult next few months.

“It will be critical that any decisions we do make are medically-led. And we will continue to work with Government and their advisors to ensure we are informed by science in our decision making.

“Over the coming weeks we will work with the game to understand what support is required across the cricket community, particularly local clubs and leagues – who will have such a huge role to play in our nation’s response to coming out of this situation.”

18 March 2020:

All remaining cricket sessions at Weydon School Cancelled:

Message from Weydon: “Thank you for your email, due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 we have taken the decision to cancel all current bookings until further notice. We look forward to once again welcoming you to our facilities as soon as the current crisis has subsided”.

16 March 2020:

All remaining cricket sessions at Frensham Heights School Cancelled:

Message from FHS: “With the current coronavirus situation, I am sure you will appreciate that our primary concern is the health and welfare of our school community. For this reason, we have decided to cancel all external lets using the school campus for the foreseeable future. I am sorry about this, but I am sure you understand our concerns”.


Currently Weydon School sessions to continue.

4 March 2020:

As you are no doubt aware the is a lot of discussion publicly with regards to coronavirus (Covid-19). As a sports club, we are like any educational setting or work environment that has the possibility of coming into contact with this virus through contact with others.

The current official government guidance is that there is no need for childcare, sporting or educational settings to close unless they are advised to by Public Health England. Therefore, all scheduled matches & training are still going ahead.

We do however ask at this stage  that members be responsible and follow the latest Public Health England advice about self-isolation if necessary. We also ask that you contact us at to let us know if you fall into any of the categories below.

This guidance is likely to evolve as the situation develops so please keep an eye out for further emails from the club.

Based on Public Health England advice, please advise us;

A) If you have returned from or been in close contact with parents/relatives or friends who have been to Category 1 countries and areas. These are Iran, specific lockdown areas in Northern Italy, ‘special care zones’ in South Korea and Hubei province. You should self-isolate for 14 days. 

B) If you have returned from a Category 2 country or areas you only need to self-isolate if you show symptoms. Category 2 countries are: northern Italy (north of Pisa, Florence, Rimini), Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar.

C) If you have been in close contact with anyone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19, you are then asked to self-isolate for 14 days. Close contact is defined as ‘close face-to-face or touching contact (within 2 metres of infected person for more than 15 mins), talked with/been coughed on by a symptomatic person, in a close friendship group with a symptomatic person, living in the same household as a symptomatic person.

 If you are self-isolating or showing symptoms, we ask that you obviously refrain from any cricket training and matches, and if you wish to confirm anything again please contact us and we can give you our club advice.

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