The coloured shirts and coordinating black trousers are compulsory to all male open league/T20 match playing members of RCC. (Please note that Girls may wear their “girls” coloured shirts for open matches)

To purchase the new shirts and coordinating black trousers please place you order using the order form below. (Players may purchase their own black trousers/leggings from other suppliers if preferred).


  • Adult shirt- £29.99
  • Adult Trousers- £22.50
  • Junior Shirt- £25.99
  • Junior Trousers- £19.99

When giving details of the name for the back of the shirt, please note, up to 16 letters can be added for a name and players may use first name or surname.

All junior and youth  players will be allocated a player number for the back of their shirts this season. We will try to allocate siblings in alternate year groups the same number (unless you ask us not to….) Please contact Haidee Goodwin if you need to know your number

For all queries please contact

Not sure what year group your child will be in? Please click here

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