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Annual Subscriptions

Senior Section

Senior Playing Member £128
Senior Ladies Playing Member £78
Senior Playing Member 18-24/Full Employment £78
Student Member (or not in employment) £78
Social Member £37

junior & youth section (17 years inclusive)

Year Group R to Year Group 4 Inc £60 per child
Year Group 5 to Under 17s Inc £75 per child (inc match fees for Junior/Youth matches)
Social Member £37
Family Membership £200

(Junior Section Maximum £200)

Note 1: Parents within the Junior/Youth Section MUST include one Social Membership

Note 2: All ages are calculated as at 1st September of previous year

IMPORTANT: Membership Fees must be paid by 31st April otherwise Members may not be covered by the Club's Insurance.



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Rowledge Cricket Club
Recreation Ground
School Road
Rowledge GU10 4BN

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